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3000 GPD Semi Auto System -21 Stages
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Our offer includes equipment with high quality and  are of good brands. Please find the list of materials as follows:

1pc. 10x54FRP for Multimedia (Anthracite : James Cumming-Australia) with manual valve
1pc. 10x54FRP for G.Activated Carbon (James Cumming - Australia) with manual valve
1pc. 10x54FRP for Softener ( Resin- Purolite, U.K.) with manual valve
1pc. Brine tank
1pc. 1hp pump with stainless steel head, Aqua Tedella (Raw pump) with Automatic Pressure Control
1pc. 1hp pump with stainless steel head, Aqua Tedella (Dispensing pump) with Auto. pressure Control
1pc. pre-treatment stainless steel base frame to hold the above equipments.

Storage Tanks:
1pc. 210 gallons stainless steel tank , Supertank, (RAW Tank)
1pc. 210 gallons stainless steel tank, Supertank, (Product Tank)
 Note: The above tanks will be fitted with level switches to allow automatic switching on and off when           the  tanks are full or empty.

R.O. Unit
1pc. 4x40 LE , Filmtec USA, r.o. membrane
1pc. 4x40 stainless steel r.o. housing
1pc. 1hp vertical pump, CNP, 
2pcs. 0-5gpm Flow meter
2pcs. 0-300psi, oil filled pressure gauge
1pc. 0-100psi, oil filled pressure gauge
1pc. stainless steel 1/2" needle valve
1pc. low pressure switch
1pc. 20SL , 5 micron sediment filter
1pc. 20SL, 1 micron sediment filter
1pc. stainless steel frame to house the above items.

Control Panel
Our system is controlled by a control panel which will house:
circuit breaker to protect from short circuit and overload
Contactor and overload switch: to protect from overload
Indicator lights to indicate tank levels and overload trips
Selector switches to manually on and off the system

Post filter:
2pcs. 20SL, Polishing Filter, Matrickx , USA for sweeter taste
1 pc. 20SL 1 micron sediment filter
1pc. 6gpm ultraviolet lamp set

Other items:
3pcs. stainless steel goose neck 1/2"
1pc. foot switch complete with solenoid valve for washing sprinkler

1 year warranty on mechanical parts.
6 months warranty on U.V. lamp and membranes
No warranty for consumables like filters.

Our scope of work includes:
1. Free layout of your water station.
2. Installation , testing and hand over of the system.
3. Training of your staff.
4. Free detailed operation manual
5. 1 year technical support. Call me or text me and I will be willing to help.

Total Package: P210,000.00

Payment terms:
50% down payment. Payment maybe made through bank.
25% after delivery.
25% after hand over of the system.

We assure you that we will do our best to ensure that you get your money's worth. You will be a part of us when we design and install the equipments. Pipes and fitting will be laid and installed with extra care and high attention to quality. Our aim is not to only make our customers satisfied but happy as well. This is our way to help our community, providing good, honest, fast, reliable service in every contract. To God be the glory.

We thank you and we hope to be of service to you real soon.


Richard A. Enriquez
Enriquez Water Equipments Enterprises.

3000GPD Semi Automatic, 21 Stages

Very reliable, of High quality!
It is almost like a fully automatic system!
This package will save you a lot of money!

- Free design / layout of your station.
- Free installation.
- All pipes and wires to be used in our system is already included in our offer.
- We will train you staff on how to operate and even trouble shoot the system.
- We will give you a very detailed manual on the parts of the machine.

The best offer in town , in terms of quality and service! Call us now!

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Contact : Richard Enriquez at sun no. 09328804972