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Electrical Panels

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An electrical panel can be used to protect a motor or an equipment from an overload or short circuit.
It can be used for monitoring if a machine is running, stopped or tripped due to a abnormal condition.
An electrical panel can be used to switch on and off equipments from a remote distance.

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A magnetic starter is used to control the switching on and off of a motor. It will also protect the motor from overload.

R.O. Automatic Control Panel

An automatic control Panel will give you an indication
 - if the supply or raw tank is empty
 - if the product tank is empty or full
 - if the system is running at low pressure
 - if the system is in backwash or cleaning mode
It has three selector switches to
 - switch on the power to the panel
 - switch on the raw pump
 - switch on the high pressure pump
The control panel will switch on and off automatically.
 - Automatic switch off when the supply tank is empty.
 - Automatic switch off when the product is full.
 - Automatic switch on when the supply tank is half full of water.
 - Automatic switch off due to low pressure.
 - Automatic switch off due to overload.
 - Automatic flushing with adjustable timer.
The control panel have circuit breaker and overload relays
 - circuit breaker to trip and cut power off in case of short circuit
 - Each motor have an overload relay to trip and cut off supply to 
   prevent the motor from excessive heat and damage the winding.