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Though my offer is very cheap but  I still use branded and tested equipments.
-For pumps : Italian made Nochi or Pedrollo.
   I have tested the quality and durability of these pumps and I am    
   confident on its performance. Aside from that I use only stainless
   head pumps and comes automatic pump control.
-Membrane: Filmtech , USA
-Filters: Ametec, Pentech..USA
-Procon pump : Procon-USA Edit Text
- I also use stainless steel frames for your reverse osmosis unit and pre-treatment filters. This will allow you to easily clean your flooring plust it adds up to the value of your machine.

Currimao, Ilocos Norte
Q-Loft Purified Water
3000GPD 16 Stages Fully Automatic System
Installed date: May 9,2007

3000GPD 16 Stages Fully Automatic


Water Mo Ini!
Naga City
3000GPD 16Stages, Fully Automatic System
November 2006



Fresh Start
Noveleta, Cavite
3000GPd, 16Stages, Fully Automatic


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