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Water Drej offers you quality products and unmatched professional service.

19 Stages Water Purification System
from 1000 to 6000 GPD


We supply and install equipments for water refilling stations. We also assist in the designing of the filling and washing table for your water station.

Water Drej Delivery Motorcycle-2
It can carry upto 25 of 5 gallon containers.


We can design systems according to your budget:
A. Fully automatic systems or  Semi automatic systems
B. From 1000 to 6000 Gallons per day
Other services offered:
a. System upgrade
b. Supply of water equipments, filters, etc.
c. Automation of your system


Our system includes a control panel which consist of contactors, overload relays to protect motors from overheating due to overload. It also contains control relays and timers in order to stop the system when the following occurs:
1. Product tank is full.
2. Raw Tank is empty.
3. Low pressure in the system.
4. Backwashing of the pre-treatments

It also gives you an indication for:
1. Product tank full / Raw tank empty
2. Trip due to overload / low pressure
3. Backwashing

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