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How to start the business

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To start the business, I suggest as follows:
1. Contact the equipment supplier, get a quotation, study it and finalize by signing the agreement. After signing the contract, it will take 7 days to assemble the equipments. If you are outside Manila transporting the equipments need to be considered also.
2. Find a location for your business. Note that in some municipalities, the requirement is 25sq meter floor area.
3. Ask your supplier to visit the site and suggest how and where to construct the filling and rinsing table.
4. While the construction is going on and the equipments are still being assembled, you can now apply for your business name in DTI nearest you.
5. You can also get the Barangay permit.
6. Say construction and the delivery of equipments materialized on the 10th day. Installation of the equipments may take another 4 to 6 days. During the installation, you can now start contacting persons for your label sticker. Finalizing and printing is usually after 7 to 10days.
7. Once the installation is finished, you may need to run the sysem for 4 days to remove the foul taste from the adhesive pipes by draining the tanks and allowing the water to run through the pipes.
At this stage it is best to go and take the Mayo's permit. Now different municipalities have different requirement. Others can give you the license within two to three days. Others will require you the following:
  1. Physical, chemical and bacteriological test of raw water
  2. Physical, chemical and bacteriological test of product water
  3. Engineering drawings signed by a sanitary engineer
      Isometric views
      System flow layout
After submitting the above and having your water passed the test, the municipality will then issue your business permit and operation permit.
Note that after getting the business permit, you have one month to get your BIR receipt or otherwise you may get a penalty.
I have tried to give you the procedure in the best way I can. I hope that you understand and will help you in a way.

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